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Our Sessions
This is where the magic happens! These sessions will help shift your energy, raise your life force frequency and guide you to find your personal power. Depending on the type of session you choose, we incorporate different tools of mindfulness, meditation, reiki, clear light healing and intuitive messages to help you  shift your energy to heal any area you want to focus on. We all are energy and energy shifts and changes. Our emotions are energy motion.  Our thoughts create our reality and we have the power to choose how we think and react.   While combining the awareness of our thoughts and working with the higher frequency life force energy we can create shifts in our health and wellbeing. Every session can produce a different outcome. Longer ranging effects will unfold over the following few days after a session. Some of the benefits you can get out of our sessions:
  •      Help both the physical and emotional body

  •      Connect and align with the present moment

  •      Help understand and work with emotions 

  •      Uncover, release, and transmute  blocks and negative patterns

  •      Bring an increase in mental clarity, helps in achieving goals 
  •      Help emotional stability and physical strength 
  •      Relieve anxiety
  •      Release stress  
  •      Relieve aches, pain and discomfort 
  •      Help with test and performance anxiety 
  •      Change neural pathways
  •      Lower blood pressure 
  •      Build immunity 
  •      Can change cells 
  •      Change gene expression
  •      Speed up healing 
  •      Create peace of mind
  •      Change limiting beliefs and thought patterns 
  •      Feel relaxed and refreshed
  •      Feel calm,  comfortable and comforted
  •      Energize mind and body
  •      Create, speak and listen with intent
  •      Self love 
  •      Create heart brain coherence
  •      Three brain harmonizing
  •      More compassion and empathy
  •      More creativity
It can take one session or it can take a few. Every “body” is different.   It would be my honor to help you shift and raise your vibration so you can create the health, joy and success you want. 
Please click on More Info  under each category below for more benefits and details of each session.  Message or call me if you have any questions or concerns. 
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