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Align and balance the mind, body, spirit, and soul 
to create inner peace, healing, well-being, joy and personal power. 

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"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."


Creating Change Through the Power of Stories, Breath, Thoughts, Energy and Love


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Meet Annie Ranger




Learn how to be a force of love and calm while you ride the waves of big and small challenges.

My goal is to help you connect, align, and balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This alignment and balance helps you create your inner peace, personal power, long-term health, well-being, joy, happiness and success.

I am a mom, an author, Reiki Master Teacher, a Registered Yoga Teacher, a Certified Mindfulness Teacher and Meditation Coach.   I am trained in Usui Holy Fire III Reiki, which is a powerful and gentle form of energy that  comes from a high level of consciousness and provides healing, empowerment, and guidance.  I combine my training in Reiki, Clear Light Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation, NLP and Yoga with my love and years of research to help guide people to overcome obstacles and challenges so they can live and perform at their highest good - their highest health, highest success, highest joy.


I graduated from UCLA with a degree in History. And I combine my experience working in the corporate world as an editor, recruiter, and sales manager, with my time being a mom, wife, and a substitute teacher. Drawing on all of these aspects of my life bring perspective to my sessions and writing.


I love teaching adults, children, and families how to shift their energy to harness their own power. It brings me joy to help people learn about the power of their breath and energy, and how to be aware of their thoughts and vibrations in the present moment. I have seen how these tools have helped myself, my family and my clients and I want to get these techniques out to as many people as I can. I share easy-to-learn tools through writing, one-on-one sessions and group sessions, workshops, and school enrichment programs.

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"I’ve had many Reiki sessions before and they always leave me calm and kind of zoned out. After my session with Annie I felt changes happening in my body. She help me with my pain and I felt blocks releasing. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in a session with an outstanding reiki practitioner. "-GP

"I’ve been working with Annie for several months now, seeing her weekly. I have done a lot of energy work and I have to say, she’s a very clear channel. She also has such a nice way about her - creates a safe space, isn’t judgmental, meets you where you are, and truly is invested in helping you heal on all levels. Annie also provides messages she gets, and they’re always aligned with what I’m getting intuitively as well. She follows up and checks in after our sessions too which just says so much about who she is as a person. Annie is the best!" - Jodi G

I worked with Annie heavily for several months during an intense cleansing period of my life. I met with her weekly as I was purging ancestral patterns, childhood issues among other things. Our intentions varied each session depending on my needs and what was forcing it’s way up.  I’ve been in the world of metaphysics for about five years and currently work with other practitioners, healers and professionals regularly and Annie was and is for me the missing piece needed as she is absolutely key in helping me navigate and process the changes currently happening in my life. -A.M.

"Thank you again for taking the time to meet with us.  It was very helpful and he was able to practice his breathing at the SAT when they delayed the start time by an hour.  So many things outside of our control that can stress us out but with mindfulness we have tools to help!"

What People Are Saying About Our Sessions 

"What you think you become.

What you feel you attract.

What you imagine you create."


Gautama Buddha


What do you imagine?
What do you want to create?

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Where Science Meets Woo  
To Help You:
Create change and empowerment through energy and the power of your breath, thoughts and love.
Restore balance and harmony - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Reach a calm state to promote healing, problem solving, and creativity.

Learn to accept,  let go and transmute anxiety, fear, and grief,


Let go of energy blocks and energy that no longer serves you.

Shift negative thought patterns through

energy work and the awareness of your thoughts and emotions.

Learn how to respond vs. react so you come from a place of power and strength.

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