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 Great way to introduce mindfulness to the whole family

As an educator, I think Mindful Owl Adventures is a great way to teach kids (not to mention parents, grandparents, and other caregivers!) about the "wise mind" and how simple techniques for calming our bodies can help us feel better--and help us treat others with more compassion. The book is set up nicely with specific things for young readers to say and do on almost every page (e.g., taking deep breaths and blowing out imaginary candles). I can see this book becoming a part of a nightly routine for many families.​   O

A Reiki Session:


"Love working with Annie! Her intuition is on point and I always feel rejuvenated and amazing after our sessions!" - Lauren M.

A wonderful and insightful read


"Mindful Owl is such a wonderful book with meaning, value and lifestyle tools; the children and the reader can learn a huge amount from this book. In my opinion, this is the future of human education! I recommend this book to absolutely everyone and anyone, irrespective of age or gender!"    A

A Remote Energy Session:


"Thank for sending healing her way. She was calm, sweet and sitting up when I got home. She actually had dinner at the dining table. It was amazing to have my momma back like her normal self."  JC

 Mindfulness should be a natural sensibility for our children, we just have to help them get there!

Annie Ranger focuses on a "much-needed" mindset for our youth today. With all the things our children can be in this crazy world, let's guide them to be kind, mindful of other's feelings and loving in their approach to life. This is a must for all Moms of young children, Mom's to Be, and Grandparents who love to "help" raise their grandchilden. The message is simple, clear and KIND. Be sure to give it as a holiday gift, or a gift for anyone's birthday in your family. The power of this book is reading it together with children, parents and grandparents.    J

 A Reiki Session:


"It is absolutely incredible how much better I have felt since our session last week. I have felt like I have life in my body in a way that I haven't for a long time. Those blockages have continued to break up and dissipate into flow.. Thank you so much."

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