A bit more about Annie

"One of my goals is to teach people that most of the time the potential and power for healing and success is found within ourselves, but sometimes we need guidance on how to get there. Creating the  physical, mental, spiritual (even financial) health you want can be a journey. I am here to help guide you on your journey to help you release and transmute energies, blocks, negative thought patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you on your path for whole healing and happiness"

My journey into healing arts started subconsciously at a young age. I have always been interested in uncovering the deeper meaning of things. In my teens, I did an art portfolio concentrated on emotions. Early on I intuitively understood that whatever was happening around us 

(the news, outside forces, life events) could affect our emotions and depending on how we processed the event it could cause dis-ease. My hope is that people learn that we all have the power within ourselves to create and live with more ease, love and harmony vs. dis-ease, fear and stress.


Growing up I watched my parents each confront devastating illnesses and defy all medical odds. Diagnosed with MS at 35, my father was told he’d die or be in a wheelchair by the time he was 50. Instead, he held a positive outlook and practiced a combination of what we would now call mindfulness, breathwork, quantum healing, manifestation and exercise. He continued these habits throughout his 90 years of life, succeeding in a prosperous career without being confined to a wheelchair.  My mother’s miracle was surviving cancer and outliving the women in her family by 25 years. How they beat the odds ( and even surprised their doctors) when so many others don’t,   I do believe has to do with their mindset, their energy, the joy they embraced, the healthy habits they practiced, the positive thought patterns they lived by, and the constant love they gave to family and friends. No matter what challenges they faced they could always find their way back to the higher vibrations.


It was not until after I graduated from UCLA with a History degree and worked in the corporate world that I realized my parents had created their own health and longevity. After having my own kids struggle with health issues, I consciously turned to energy healing for my family.   After years of positive healing experiences, I started down the path of learning how to work with energy. One thing led to another and to certifications, retreats and a path that opened me up to great healing shifts. Do not get me wrong, we still go to Western Medicine Doctors. We all respect, value and are grateful for our doctors and their knowledge and care, but I find what works best for us is finding the balance between both. Any Western Doctor will tell you what you eat, your daily habits, and managing stress are all very important in any medical or life-style regime. Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki ( energy work) are not only helpful in preventing the need for medicine or surgeries, but they can help prepare you mentally and physically for whatever you are going through and can help speed up the healing process during or after an illness or surgery. It is all about finding the balance and what works best for you.


My most recent experience being an end-of-life care-giver to both of my parents helped strengthen my connection to the divine  and opened up my intuitive channel even more as I witnessed many miraculous, spiritual and mystical events. I saw first-hand  the importance of the mind, body, soul, spirit connection and how it plays a big part in our everyday health and existence.


Through my own personal challenges, especially while taking care of others, I have learned it is easier to raise your vibration when life is running smoothly the trick is keeping the higher vibrations when life throws you a challenge.  It helps to find gratitude even during the hardest days.  It’s about bringing yourself back into alignment - back to the present moment, back to your heart and mind, and always back to love.


I draw on all of my past experiences to help people connect to divine love and light, the highest healing frequencies and the present moment to help them create their health, joy, and abundance with calm intent.  It would be my honor to work with you to help you shift your energy and raise your vibration.


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Wishing you ease and grace.


With love, light and shift

Usui Holy Fire lll Reiki Master/Teacher

Advanced Clear Light Healer

Mindfulness for Children Certificate

Mindfulness MBSR program

Substitute Teacher (CBEST)

Member of Reiki Membership Association


Mindfulness, Meditation and Reiki /Energy Healing are not to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.