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Reiki Session-1 or 1 1/2 Hour

Calm & balance while releasing physical emotional spiritual blocks

  • 1 h
  • Contact for Price
  • 2001 Barrington Ave, Los Angeles or Online/Remote

Service Description

Reiki - Our bodies are all energy and during stressful times or challenges our vibration can be lowered. During a reiki session we work with energy . Reiki can be defined as ‘universally guided life-force energy’. This energy helps support the body’s health and healing by raising the vibration of the recipient in a gentle, non-invasive, but powerful way. It reduces stress, induces deep relaxation and promotes healing of the whole person – mind, body and spirit. As well as helping with stress, it can relieve aches, pain and discomfort. It can speed up healing and create clarity and peace of mind, leaving us feeling relaxed, refreshed, re-energized and more comfortable and comforted. Reiki can be given to pets and can be used to clear spaces. It is widely used these days in hospitals, cancer treatment centers and other health-care settings to support patients and their care givers. During a reiki session the client stays fully clothed on the treatment table, or seated in a chair. Reiki can also be given remotely. Clear Light healing addresses and satisfies the unresolved needs of your body, mind and spirit. During your healing, a flood of life force energy is released into your body. This transformational energy dissolves interior emotional and mental barriers that have built up due to stress or trauma. It releases negative patterns from your system that are blocking the flow of your personal life force or chi. In addition to pain relief and re-energizing and balancing your system,you will feel a deep sense of peacefulness and calm during and after the healing. Longer ranging effects will unfold over the following few days, bringing an increase in mental clarity, emotional stability and physical strength.

Contact Details

310 749-9129

2001 South Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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