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Blurred blue sea wave gently rolls on the sandy shore. On the sand the inscription "love"




Be a force of love, calm, joy, and strength. 

Guiding people to tap into energy, love, and their thoughts to find their own power and potential to heal and create the health, joy, success, freedom, and love they want. 

Meet Annie Ranger


Shift Your Energy and Thoughts to Raise Your Vibration

by connecting mind, body, soul and spirit for health happiness and self -empowerment. 


I help you release and transmute energies, blocks and negative thought patterns and beliefs to help you on your path to live and perform at your highest ability and good. 


I am  an author, Reiki Master Teacher, and a mindfulness and meditation coach.  I combine my training in Usui Holy Fire lll Reiki, Clear Light Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga with my love and years of research to help guide people to overcome obstacles and challenges so they can live and perform at their highest good - their highest health, highest success, highest joy.


I graduated from UCLA with a degree in History. And I combine my experience working in the corporate world as an editor, recruiter, and sales manager, with my time being a mom, wife, and a substitute teacher. Drawing on all of these aspects of my life brings perspective to my sessions and writing.


I love teaching adults, children, and families how to shift their energy to harness their own power. I help people learn about the power of their breath and energy, and how to be aware of their thoughts and vibrations in the present moment. I share easy-to-learn tools through writing, one-on-one sessions and group sessions, workshops, and school enrichment programs.

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