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Kids Workshops

4-8 weeks -Create your calm & confidence Or 4-8 weeks - Chakras, meditation, yoga & affirmations

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Service Description

Kids learn mindfulness in a fun way. During our sessions kids will learn to self calm, and be more aware of their present moment and emotions. Once kids learn they have the power to control their reactions - they gain much more confidence - it is as if they have a super power. We will cover mindful speaking, listening and eating, We incorporate music, yoga/movement, art and crafts, breathing lessons, visualizations/meditations, games and other interactive ways to teach mindfulness tools. Kids learn about their energy centers and yoga poses crystals meditations and affirmations that will help balance them - each week covers new chakra. Root- Safety, Sacral - Creativity and Relationships, Solar Plexus - Confidence, Heart-Love, Throat- Speaking and Listening, Third Eye-Intuition, Crown-Guidance .

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310 749-9129

2001 South Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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